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John Wickham discovered a love for the guitar at age ten as an outlet for his innate musical gifts and a source of solace during difficult teenage years. He learned from “every guitar solo I could get my ears on,” during those early years. Since that time, John’s musical journey of over 5 decades has taken him into blues, rock, country rock, pop and jazz with ethereal textures.


He is one of the early pioneers of the Contemporary Christian Music genre that sprang out of the Jesus People renewal of the 1960s and 70s in coastal Orange County, California. John was a member of the early Maranatha! Music label bands The Way and Parable where he met his wife Lisa (who was also in the band Parable, singer, percussionist). He was the guitarist for the Benny Hester band during the late 70s and early 80s. He and his wife recorded two CD’s—Face to face and There’s No Greater Love. John also recorded an instrumental Christmas album simply entitled Christmas Album.


For nearly four decades, beginning in 1981, John and Lisa kept the joy and revival of the Jesus Movement moving in the church as they served as worship leaders. They have three grown children—Evan, Philip, and Jillian— and nine grandchildren.


Years of playing and songwriting have given John a unique collection of songs and tracks.  As he began going back through the years, working song by song, the vision for City Light emerged. Instrumentals, featured vocalists and inspired new material brought the vision to life. John is joined by family & friends who lent their vocal talent to five of the tracks. The album reflects decades of John’s musical calling—and the journey of a generation saved and empowered by the love of God to rebuild their lives, revive the Church, and pass their faith on to generations to come.

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