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THE WAY was the first band that recorded a full length album (self titled) on the Maranatha! Music label in 1972. The band then recorded their second album 'Can It Be?' in 1974. This double CD of both albums was put together for a special reunion some years back. The band consisted of Bruce Herring, Dana Angle, Gary Arthur, John Wickham & Alex MacDougall.


THE WAY (first album)


  1) Son Come Out

  2) You're Caught In A World

  3) Song Of Joy

  4) Come On Down

  5) Closer To God

  6) New Song

  7) There's A Love

  8) He's the Reason To Go On

  9) Harvest Time

10) Are You Listening?


THE WAY - CAN IT BE? (second album)


11)  A Cowboy's Dream

12) Days Of Noah

13) I've Been Sealed

14) Do You Feel The Change?

15) Livin' On The Bottle

16) Sittin' In The Pew

17) Bearded Young Man

18) Can It Be?

The Way Double CD

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